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Who are Foxies and why go with us

Hi, we are Zuzana and Petr Liškovi (in english means Foxies), two foxies, two naive fools who simply fell in love with Bali. And they fell in love with the decision to show people around how simply this country is supremely. Bali is in Indonesia and here you will find everything you've ever searched for. Wonderful and eternally smiling people, hot (no, do not have those -5 degrees and do not have to scratch the car in the morning), wonderful nature with waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes, amazing beaches and tons of luxury meals. And not just in the air but under the water you will just discover paradise. You can experience all this with us. You do not have to worry about anything, we will simply arrange everything. At the airport, picking up our best driver Murda who has a heart at his place and is funny, so that a 60-minute journey from the airport will run like nothing. Upon arrival, you will receive a fresh fruit smoothie to give you a bit of energy after a longer flight and a clean, make up and fragrant bed will be waiting for you. When you have some rest, let's talk about where you want to go and set up a Bali plan. Full tank scooter, power bank (Why? Because GPS discharges mobiles faster than you say BALI), raincoat and other essential things to the right traveler's equipment will be ready for use. And now we are ready to go to super tours. And we'll take you to those places, we do not just think of tourists overcrowded in every guide given highlight :) We just show you real Bali. Just look into the PACKAGES section, choose the one you like the most, do not worry about anything to ask and come. We look forward to you.

Karma beach
Atuh beach
Scooter action
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