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Why be at home, when  you can be in Bali...

Bali is a small island in Indonesia adjoining the islands of Java and Lombok. It is washed from all sides by the Indian Ocean. The official language is Indonesian, but it is mainly Balinese language and the main religion is Balinese Hinduism (about 90% of the population). The capital city is Denpasar, near Ngurah Rai International Airport. Bali is a very diverse country and the highest point is the active Mount Agung volcano, which reaches a height of 3,142 m. In this lovely country you will find beautiful mountains with fantastic views, jungle, beautiful beaches with white sand, coral reefs, breathtaking waterfalls, lakes, volcanoes, excellent food and, above all, the endless willingness, tolerance and courtesy of the locals who never do not forget to add a smile because karma is for free. Temperature is around 30 degrees all year, colder in the morning and evening, in the mountains can be only 23 degrees Celsius. On vacation to Bali you can go during all year, there is a season of rains, but it does not mean it rains every day and if it rains, so often overnight. In addition, the weather is changing around all the world, so during rain season you can have sunshine and on the contrary. The biggest season is here from March to December, but it is beautiful here all the time. In Bali, I met a lot of interesting people who have lived here for a long time. And do you know what their motto is? "Why be home when I can be here!" And I know that not everyone wants to live abroad and that our native countries are too nice, but it can also be transformed into a traveler level. Today is easy to travel around all the world and I have already been in a lot of places, and I think Bali is just perfect. That country has something extra and you will not know it until you come. The beautiful nature, amazing people and their magic culture, the perfect food, the sea and the sun, maybe all together .... Where else do you have this connection so harmonious? Come and join us in Bali and we'll show you this little paradise.


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