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WELL DONE (14 days or 21 days)


So this is our favorite and most awesome package. And that's why we offer it in a 14 or 21-day variation, because in 10 days we simply would not have missed it. Do not like boredom and want to spend every minute of your vacation at full height? Then this package is set up for you right now. We will gather together more trips and take you to the beautiful islands. Let's enjoy the fun clouds.


WELL DONE package includes:


  • stay in a beautiful air-conditioned bungalow with its own bathroom and toilet, private terraces with a seating area where you can relax after a busy day, kitchen and dining table and all just a few minutes by car or by scooter from the center of the most beautiful spiritual town of Ubud.


  • breakfast - how else to start a day better than with a luxurious breakfast from us? We hear all your wishes, we will prepare you super healthy, vegan, organic, bio and I do not know what else yummies. Or do you prefer morning eggs and a bucket of coffee? Unknown word is not possible.


  •  a daily cleaning service and helpful staff


  • you can swim in our beautiful pool, which will satisfy even more demanding swimmers


  • scooter throughout your stay - a scooter is simply an experience, fun and an indispensable part of every Bali
                                                              - if you do not feel comfortable with the scooter, we will rent you a car or a car with a driver for the lowest price
                                                              - are you an experienced motorcyclist and some scooter will hinder you? There is no problem, we can offer you                                                                   such a big, beautiful chroot motor that everybody turns around. Again with a smaller surcharge.


  • transfer from the airport and to the airport with our master Mr. Murda. With him, you feel that nothing can happen to you, and especially on the road you are tending to the right Hindu wave.


  • welcome drink - our cleansed smoothie of fresh fruit


  • power bank, app (offline GPS), water, coffee and tea 24 hours a day for free

  • and just a great hike of trips and fun, when we take you to the most beautiful island of Bali, where you will see breathtaking views, beaches, flood with mantas and spend some nights, and take you to the second and far eastern island where you will enjoy the most beautiful snorkeling tortoises, and ride on the most white sands, go to the rice fields, enjoy the sunrise directly from the volcano, visit a village that is wrapped in such a morbid secret, you see the sunken wreck in the sea and the clouds of fish, you swim with the dolphins, we can take a wild river, discover the hidden waterfalls in the jungle, sigh and calmly leave you to do waves of wildlife profiling, savor the Buddha, fill your belly in the best restaurants, we will think of your relaxation in the form of massages from the local Balinese, we can strengthen the muscles in the local Balinese fitness or go to stretch for yoga, for lovers of animals we can visit organizations that care about abandoned dogs and to anoint them, and last but not least, we will improve karma in many beautiful temples and maybe we will see Agung. We can go for a big party or just enjoy the mountain views, collect strawberries and take a scooter ride across Bali. And there is so much that I can not find everything here, but just arrive, choose what you enjoy and we will do our best to leave as the happiest travelers in the world.


Price for 14 days - 59.000 CZK / 2.300 EUR / 2.610 USD for 2 persons

Price for 21 days - 69.000 CZK / 2.700 EUR / 3.060 USD for 2 persons


Package prices do not include air tickets that we will be glad to help you find.


Packages are flexible, everything is on agreement, length of stay, special wishes, write to us and ask.



We can also prepare a special offer if you visit a neighboring and tourists on a much less crowded island of Lombok, or a 3-day trip to the Komodo National Park, where you can enjoy a view of the Comodo, dabble in the protected area and flood in beautiful waters. We can fly to the nearby second largest island in the world of Borneo, where you can see the orangutans in their natural surroundings and a real jungle that attracts true adventurers from around the world.

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